An eBook Mystery of Love, Lust, Guns and the American Psyche

Anyman Dreams Of Love Everlasting

a Mystery/Romance eBook novel


Ronald Joseph Kule

“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.” ― Plato

Richard Anyman is on top of his world in a great relationship one day and the next, unexpectedly dumped and devastated. Like any man, he struggles to understand his dilemma.  His search for answers dredges up old relationships and escapades in a series of odd daydreams and nightmares driven by hidden residual mores embedded within himCrushed and burned in the smoldering ruins of his losses, yearning to know true love and what he must do to find it, he researches love and romance from as far back as 11th century knighthood and courtly love to present time.

Unknown to him, Anyman’s lifelong platonic friend, Carmela Eddington, runs a far different gauntlet of sexual and romantic hardships, arguably more difficult than his. A victim of fatherly abuse, she rebounds through several lovers, including intimate relations spawned at a frat-party with her beautiful college roommate — a Mafioso capo’s daughter and, later, Anyman’s objet du désir.

For Anyman and Eddington, the gloss of the “modern” charade passing for love and romance today belies an unspoken and timeless urge: to survive through true love and ethics, the rationale of all of humanity. The glittery external influences surrounding them merely make their honest pursuit of lifelong, romantic relationships more difficult, not impossible.

Selfless Love…

Still, only the selfless love of three other women, including their mutual lover, helps Anyman and Eddington to find what they need to know to open the portal to everlasting love — where they least expect it.

Thrust together in the wake of his recent loss, they confront the sins of their past and unveil their sordid pasts to each other. In doing so, Anyman and Eddington discover that letting go of past bad behavior, and the accumulation of fixed ideas carried away from their experiences, not only is a prerequisite for true love, but also the answer to what happened the night his romantic plans spun to a jarring halt.

Richard Anyman’s story is a microcosm of every man’s uncharted journey from boyhood to manhood through puberty. The road he travels to be in the arms of the woman of his dreams holds interest for every man and woman.

Women find this book compelling:

“I could not put Anyman Dreams of Love Everlasting down. I had no choice – I was compelled to keep reading. From a woman’s point of view I found this book an enchanting and delightful experience. The author’s very obvious appreciation and understanding of the female gender, without a doubt, makes this is a book women will want their man to read!” —Jeanne Powers, author of The Modern Rapunzel, Natural Secrets for Ending Hair Loss (and Other Miracles), Los Angeles, CA

“What a pleasure it was to find all this love and adventure in one book! I couldn’t put it down, reading and turning page after page, stirred to find out what would happen next. This changed my own view of what each of us seeks while looking for REAL love! Thanks to the author, Ronald Joseph Kule. Five stars! —Sally Nutter, Entertainer, Sacramento, CA

“I’m gobsmacked! A tale of emotional devastation and woe turns into a lusty romp through puberty and collegiate liaisons, veers off into wondrous daydreams and horrific nightmarish memories involving courtly love and lusty maidens, and finally lands us in the embrace of both our worst fears about love and the gateway to heaven on Earth, unraveling in its wake the answer to the mystery of the first chapter’s gun shots that take two lives! A wondrous book you just have to read with tissues and a towel handy!” — Sally Jefferies, homemaker , Los Angeles, CA

Anyman Dreams of Love Everlasting, by Ronald Joseph Kule. Available on

© 2013 by Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.

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