My interest in creative writing blossomed at age six. The love affair is stronger than ever at 67. Throughout my journey this lifetime, I’ve had both wonderful and heartbreaking experiences — all intimately valuable to me. You see, I like to borrow from what I’ve experienced, using my training in other media and my imagination to create new expressions.

The fundamental rules of other artistic media apply to the genre of creative writing. My fine-art instructor, Larry Gluck, Founder of Mission: Renaissance Art Academy in California, mentored me to “draw what you see.” These days, when working deep inside of a new story, I fashion with words what I “see.” Readers have responded with, “I can picture what you write… you paint pictures with your words.”

Such positive responses inspire me so much that, at times, I have no words for what to say in return. Writing is such a humbling occupation for me that way. I write for YOU, dear reader. Without you I am nothing.

My aim to mystify, entertain, educate and enable you and me may be found within my current body of work. You’ll not only find Listen More Sell More, a sales training combination of a book and a built-in training course, which offers a unique pathway to learning how to sell better, but also CHEF TELL The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef, the story of how one hungry German boy, Friedemann Paul Erhardt, became “Chef Tell” and made all of his boyhood dreams come true against almost insurmountable odds from the night he was born until the day he left us unexpectedly in 2007.

Available Now!Chef Tell hi-res cover The story of a man recovering from a devastating loss of love to find everlasting love when and where he least expects it, is the subject of my first published novel. Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love speaks to the age-old feelings and questions every man harbors about the opposite sex.

Through Carlos Almarón’s daydreams and nightmares he learns to pull himself up by his bootstraps, but not without the help of the very gender he understands least, which leads him to his Promised Land by way of a rollicking roller-coaster ride of mixed emotions and vivid relationships that add up to thought-provoking conclusions.


You can read about the history of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks baseball in my published book, Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamondswritten with J. David Miller. That handsome book is as much a study of America and South Carolinian culture as it is a college baseball book. 100 years of young men grew into manhood, guided by an assortment of uniquely talented and remarkably different coaches, under the pressures of performing on baseball diamonds, while economic booms and busts pushed the tolerance of the nation’s, and the state’s, people back and forth through several emotional tugs of war that paralleled the seasonal fortunes and mishaps of the Gamecocks program. When the Gamecocks finally took the grandest prize of the national championship in 2010, their heroes were an “Angel in the outfield” and a quiet young man of color, Jackie Bradley Jr., who was the NCAA College World Series Most Outstanding Player.

PMD ebook cover

When asked his plans on the Omaha jewel, Rosenblatt Field, over the din of his teammates still shouting with joy, Bradley replied, “Play hard and help this team win another national championship.” The Gamecocks did win in the next year: one of only seven teams to win back-to-back national championships.


My poetry found in Romance & Sensuality ~ Volume One of a series of collections of poetry known as Haikulisms, and Jazz Poetry ~ Volume Two…  if nothing else, soothes and conjures simple, moving and thought-provoking images. More volumes will follow.

The next two books will bring inspiration to young adults and sci-fi aficionados, sandwiched by the biography of a celebrity jazz musician and film composer.


I prefer to let my books speak for me. Hopefully, you find something here to your liking. If you do discover a story that satisfies YOU, let me in on your secret. I’d love you to share with me your reviews and comments. After all, we’re friends in here, you know!

Best Wishes,

Ronald Joseph Kule, Author

P.S. Let me know what you think or feel about anything at all. Good ideas come from many sources. Please contact me through

P.P.S. And check back every so often to see what’s new in here!

About Ronald Joseph Kule, Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter

Acclaimed biographer, novelist, ghostwriter, and sales-training expert. I write/ghostwrite biographies and historical fiction books commissioned by clients. Always five-star quality, I deliver more than what is expected. My sales-training books/courses series, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, is the basis for my training workshops. On commission, I ghostwrite books for clients whenever available. Since 2010, I have written, ghosted, and published 10-12 books. Inquiries to commission my services for a biography, historical fiction novel, memoir, or a sales-training workshop or keynote speech should be emailed to: Your inquiries and posts are welcome!
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