How To Appeal to Women with a Mystery/Romance Novel

How To Appeal to Women with a Mystery/Romance Novel

Anyman Dreams of Love Everlasting

By Ronald Joseph Kule

“Summer had arrived and filled out Central Park’s trees with shady, green canopies. The crocuses, daffodils, foam flowers and forsythia dabbled colors into the scenery around The Pond. Shrill laughter from children running on the grass behind the benches counterpointed the serenades of the remaining Yellow Warblers and summer-breeding European Starlings and American Robins.

“From his favorite bench Anyman hung on every sound and image, but he wished to feast on what his mind would project at him. He had grown comfortable with the process: each sojourn back in time lead to new realizations that helped him recover bits of his old self.

“Today was no different. He drifted back in time to another day spent in the public library, reading Webster’s fifth definition for love: ‘5 a) a strong, usually passionate, affection of one person for another, based in part on sexual attraction b) the person who is the object of such an affection; sweetheart; lover 6 a) sexual passion b) sexual intercourse.’

“In other words, he thought, ‘my affection for certain women, when intensified and passionate enough, was to want to kiss and fondle them; to make love to them…”

(from Chapter 3, Anyman Dreams of Love Everlasting, by Ronald Joseph Kule)

© 2012 by Ronald Joseph Kule. All Rights Reserved.

About Ronald Joseph Kule, Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter

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