Baby Boomer Carole Eddington’s Poem for the Ages

one amazing poem!


Carole Eddington is a poet, whom I’ve known only through facebook. The following is her poem — one of the most honest and revealing that I’ve had the pleasure to read in eons. This one is for the ages.

the day

wow what a weird day wow
it was seven then eleven
it was breakfast cheering for cheerios I was a child and
everything was sun and shimmer
I had tanned legs, scared of bees
watching it ALL, my omnicient gaze boring into the
poor defenseless scene around me
oh to be a beach, simple as expanse of sand and
infinite glasswater soulquench
then I met some boys

oh god, the desire for desired the
desire to be desired
the tight bellbottoms
the black eyeliner
hoping my sweetness was sexy or hard love could
be the ultimate depth of time spent
and way to own time

oh god, if we…

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