Marine Goes the Distance… for the 3rd Time

Marine goes the distance… for the 3rd time.

Please take the time to read this man’s story. Help if you like, even if only forwarding the story so that many eyes see it. He is a friend who I’ve seen help many people with their jobs.

From Karen Robinson, August 14, 2014:

“Meet Robbie. He’s 68 years old, a decorated Vietnam Vet. A husband,  father,  grandfather and a beloved friend to so many, he’s got cancer for the third time.

“Robbie is a combat veteran who served in Vietnam for two years from 1966 through 1967. He was a machine-gunner, carrying the M60 machine-gun, in “G” Company, Weapons Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, United States Marine Corps. He received two purple hearts for wounds sustained in battle, and he still carries the shrapnel. His unit was twice decorated for heroism in battle.

“Like many other troops, Robbie was repeatedly exposed to the caustic chemical Agent Orange, our military’s defoliant of choice for clearing the jungle in Vietnam. The chemical left these men vulnerable to cancer, diabetes, and a host of other ills.

“Agent Orange permeated Robbie’s body then and has returned to trouble him years later, long after he married and had a son. In 1998, at the age of 51, Robbie contracted cancer of the lymph nodes, caused by Agent Orange. After fighting it into remission with intense chemotherapy he was cancer-free for 11 years.

“In 2008, the same cancer returned and was again beaten into remission by massive chemotherapy treatments. Now, in 2014, its return requires yet another round of chemo, which side effects include peripheral neuropathy (numbness in feet and hands), and 50% disability from lack of balance — Robbie cannot remain on his feet any length of time.”

Robbie Robinson, a friend

Robbie’s wife of 30 years passed away in 2011 after fighting breast cancer for eight years, cared for by Robbie, who provided constant care to her during her illness. Their finances were decimated.


IN RECOGNITION of his honorable service, the Veteran’s Administration pays for the chemotherapy treatment, but that is all. To keep Robbie as healthy as possible during treatment, and to keep his family from sinking tens of thousands of dollars into debt, your donation is requested. What you give or help others to give, will help Robbie meet several needs.


While receiving the treatment, Robbie must be kept in an ultra clean, hygienic environment at all times. Household germs can greatly increase the chances of infection. Any slightest infection can be life-threatening, because his body’s immune system is so compromised.


Getting to the treatment facility is an hour’s drive from home, each way. Purchasing a lightly used, fuel-efficient car will help keep Robbie safe and comfortable on the roads as he goes through this trying time.


In March of this year, Robbie remarried. His beautiful wife Karen is seeing him through this treatment as safely and as comfortably as possible. But the time commitment impacts her income.

While the numerous support treatments increase Robbie’s chances of success, the expense is not covered by the Veteran’s Administration. Your support helps to ensure that Robbie emerges from treatment without crippling debt.

What you do to help Robbie through this treatment is appreciated by his entire family. Please share with us not only the gift of giving a loving husband happy, quality years with his new bride, but also time to be with his children without burdening them; and the chance to watch his grandchildren grow up.

August 14, 2014 UPDATE #31

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