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Very well written and easy to read. I learned more about this famous chef and the whole profession. A wonderful story of a person who followed his dream and how he overcame… Read more

Published 1 month ago by Sharon Hillestad

A fascinating bio of a complex chef who was instrumental–along with Julia Child–in making TV cooking shows an American classic. Well written and compelling. Read more

Published 1 month ago by M. Lovejoy

My wife and I were good friends with Chef Tell and we have been looking forward to reading this book. Read more

Published 13 months ago by Tony Baarda

What an interesting and true story by an incredible story teller. Now I will admit that I had never heard of nor seen Chef Tell before this author’s introduction yet I found… Read more

Published 13 months ago by diane austin

I enjoyed this book tremendously. The author seemed to take care to accurately portray one of the first made-for-tv chefs. Read more

Published 14 months ago by Tomazon

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