AA Professional Football League Opens Training Camps

(NOTE: The following article is a re-post granted by the author of this blog site, because the author of this site has ties to the SoCal Coyotes, one of the teams in the new football league and he agrees with what they are attempting to accomplish.)



(PALM SPRINGS) — “It’s all about the kids.”

Darrel “Mouse” Davis, arguably the greatest mind in offensive football, who tutored NFL Hall of Famers like Barry Sanders and Jim Kelly and whose fire-breathing Run ‘n’ Shoot offense produced the likes of Warren Moon and changed the way the modern game is played, has a new calling.

Today he officially declared training camps open for four teams as the new Commissioner of the upstart AAA Professional Football League, where ‘Building Champions by Building Men’ got underway in cities in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Thanks to the financial underpinning of Five Star Sports & Entertainment and The Five Star Financial Companies, the APFL has made good on its promise to ‘Be Paid, Be Insured, Be Discovered, Be A Man’ — the battle cry of a league that ‘Defends the Shield’ of faith, family and football.

The APFL opened training camps with unprecedented insurance benefits, stipends for leadership and a bevy of innovative programs that push players to succeed as men, husbands, fathers – and if they have the talent, play their way to stardom.

“This is about opportunity for the players,” Davis says. “I’m all about what is good for the game, good for the kids, and opens up more opportunities.”

Forget the big names from the CFL and NFL who are peeking in on the talent pool assembled by the nation’s fastest-growing developmental league. Forget that the finishing touches on a movie — ‘The Mouse that Roars’ –are being produced on Davis and his sensational, David-versus-Goliath life story.

Back Inside of Football

Davis wants you to know that he’s back in football and the APFL with the same passion that drove him as a high school coach back in the ’60s, as a record-shattering NCAA coach in the ’70s, as a pro coach in the CFL, NFL and USFL in ’80s and ’90s, and as the architect of the Arena Football League.

He’s here for the kids, as he calls them. Every one of them. Davis has fostered so many players, so many coaches — such as June Jones – that they’re now too many to count. His mentoring of friend and coach J David Miller led to the development of the SoCal Coyotes and their model program, which is now the flagship and cornerstone of the APFL.

“Teachers like Mouse affect eternity, because you never know where there influence stops,” says Miller, as his APFL staff prepared two teams — the California Sharks and SoCal Coyotes — for a joint training camp in Palm Springs.

Other camps opened in Phoenix and Las Vegas, and Mouse will visit them all before the four teams kick off April 11 and 12 for the start of a four-game, four-week, four-team showcase season, with a championship to be played on May 16.

It’s not just the APFL’s players who are under scrutiny. So is the league model, as all of corporate America carefully eyes this scalable, developmental football franchise opportunity, which seeks to expand to 100 teams within five years, and 500 in 10.

THE AAA PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE is the nation’s fastest-growing developmental franchise football opportunity, founded on America’s #1 developmental program. A lifeline to stranded developmental players, the APFL pays modest stipends and offers insurance, while developing players who seek NFL, CFL or AFL discovery.

The APFL ‘Builds Champions by Building Men’ through employment and leadership opportunities, challenging its players to ‘Be Paid, Be Insured, Be Discovered – and Be a Man.’

For more information on the APFL, visit www.aaapfl.com , or email Brandon O’Neill at brandon@aaapfl.com.

–Brandon O’Neill, VP Program Development

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