How to Avoid Depression-Era Income

I’ve been wandering around from project to project, looking for a route out of the depression-era income stream that has found its way to my doorstep.  While I’ve done so, I’ve wondered about your condition, and about the condition of our nation.

Like it or not, we rise and fall upon the same ocean tides of Life and living together.  We are only as good as our collective and individual best or worst actions.

Do Something.

Yet, the wrong thing to do is nothing.  Next comes doing without understanding what we are doing, and the consequences of our actions.

In times of tough economics it is easy to second-guess our moves.  Many of us are prone to question why what worked before – only a few years back – is not working now.  Yet, not all that happens around us or to us is because of us, albeit we have on some level probably asked for it!

In light of that notion, I consider it best for each of us to forego invalidating ourselves in the attempt to discover what is wrong; instead, why not validate what is right about us? Why not consider what we do have that can be mustered to fight the good fight, to win against all odds?

Life is a game.

Games have winners and losers. And on any given day set-backs can occur. On any given day sudden windfalls may come our way, too, even unexpected ones. So, roll with the flow, as some say; better yet, CREATE your flow! Take your destiny in your own hands and persist. Never take no as an answer, never accept defeat. The journey is as important – maybe even more important – as the outcome.  Overcoming obstacles makes us adapt and grow… and keeps our integrity intact as individuals and as a nation.

Add to Your Know-How

Add know-how to your intention and persistence to win.  You need to know your stuff, to learn what applies in your field, what works.  And you need to practice, practice and practice until you rise like cream to the top of the fluid stream of life and games that is your chosen arena. Overnight success is actually the culmination of long, at times hard, struggle and sacrifice.

Nothing earned easily is as valuable as hard-won success.

In the end, your best friend – perhaps your only everlasting friend – is YOU. SPLURGE on YOU! Never let YOU go! Make you the best you can be. And, remember, you are always a work in progress.

After all, wherever you go, there you are!

About Ronald Joseph Kule, Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter

Acclaimed biographer, novelist, ghostwriter, and sales-training expert. I write/ghostwrite biographies and historical fiction books commissioned by clients. Always five-star quality, I deliver more than what is expected. My sales-training books/courses series, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, is the basis for my training workshops. On commission, I ghostwrite books for clients whenever available. Since 2010, I have written, ghosted, and published 10-12 books. Inquiries to commission my services for a biography, historical fiction novel, memoir, or a sales-training workshop or keynote speech should be emailed to: Your inquiries and posts are welcome!
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