WordPlay T-shirts & Designs


What do you get when you mix one award-winning filmmaker, songwriter, and musician with an acclaimed, internationally published author/biographer and ghostwriter?


A visual-arts medley of captured words and imaginative illustrations known as… wait for it…


(WordPlay T-shirts & Designs)

Our goal:

The uplift, inspiration, entertainment and general making of happy moments for people. Every time you see our designs and smile or laugh, we accomplish our goal.

Our purpose:

Producing smiles, laughter and happiness through illustrated phrases we call “WordPlays.”

Our Policy:

Keep it FUNNY! Keep it CLEAN! Make it ENTERTAIN!

Our Plan: 

Make people happier by wearing our T-shirt designs all over the world.

Copyright 2016 by KuleBooks LLC. Reserved.

About Ronald Joseph Kule, Author/Biographer/Ghostwriter

Internationally acclaimed biographer, novelist, ghostwriter, and sales-training expert. I write/ghostwrite biographies and historical fiction books commissioned by clients. Always five-star quality, I deliver more than what is expected. Readers of all ages love my books. My sales-training series of books/courses, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, is the basis for my workshops delivered on commission only. I will ghostwrite books for clients on contract whenever available. Inquiries to commission a biography or legacy memoir, a sales-training workshop, a book written, or a keynote speech should be emailed to kulebooksllc@gmail.com. All comments and posts are welcome.
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