Listen More Sell More Sales Training

LMSM 3 covers

In the course of the author’s sales management and sales career, he developed and tested an efficient way of selling, which he later found out coincidentally aligns with an innovative, 1898 ad-copy writing formula that swept across the American advertising and salesindustries like wildfire in the early 1900’s.

The first of a three-book series, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE contains a uniquely different training text and complete, step-by-step course laid out on a format known as a checksheet.

(A checksheet is a written series of study actions that are followed in sequence. When completed, each action is attested to and dated on the checksheet by the trainee. Each attestation is a statement that the trainee knows, understands and can apply what they have learned — the required course word definitions, essays, demonstrations and training drills. Trainees complete the entire course three times through, ensuring 100 percent certainty of the information and how to apply it.)

The exclusive, practical training drills developed by the author address basic selling skills that are vital for any selling situation to succeed. The exercises are FUN to do!

True anecdotal stories from the author’s sales/sales management career balance the intensity of the training and drive home the message that anyone can sell well, if trained correctly.

The unique training approach guarantees that at the end of the course, done fully and honestly, the graduate not only knows the correct fundamental data of sales, but also that he/she knows they can and will use the unique sales approach developed by the author.


This book and course serves as the text and basis for one-day Listen More Sell More Sales Training Workshops offered by the author and delivered anywhere in the world to groups and companies willing to pay for the service and the author’s travel expenses.

While the book/course combination serves any trainee’s desire to self-train, and corporate trainers may train their sales staffs in-house with it, the author’s intensive workshops delivered on a company premises, come highly recommended by international sales consultants.

Clients and graduates agree:

“The training was very enlightening and demonstrated the true art of selling. Ron Kule’s time management during the training was also spot on and very much appreciated. He communicated well with our staff and tailored the delivery of the material in a very comprehensible format.” –– Erik Suojanen, CEO, Plumbers of Suojanen Enterprises Inc.

“If you really want to know what makes certain salespeople very successful, and others not, then you better read and do the sales-training drills in Ronald Joseph Kule’s incredible sales-training book, Listen More Sell More. The author has taken the process of selling, which can be quite complex and which is not often fully understood, and made it into something simple to do. This is invaluable for any business. My hat is off.” — Marten Runow, Chairman, Performia International

“The difference is its simplicity and applicability. Kule’s training removes the ‘effort’ and that little sensation of panic you can get in sales, where you feel you have to say all the right things to close the person standing in front of you and make sure they buy now!” — Kathy Sweigart, Personal Consultant


LISTEN MORE SELL MORE is sold online on and through the author’s website. The author signs all copies purchased through the author’s site. Multiple-book purchases at the author’s site also earn volume-purchase discounts. The book/course may also be available through local bookstores that offer to order books for their customers.


Workshops are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and ordered with one-half of the minimum required fee and travel expenses paid in advance. In return, the author guarantees satisfaction: if upon completion of the one-day workshop the purchasing corporation or group feels that the delivery was less than expected or promised, payment of the remaining invoice is waived.

The minimum required fee is $2500 for up to 10 trainees. More than 10, add $200 per person. LISTEN MORE SELL MORE book copies for participants are included in the fees paid.

“If you are fortunate enough to have a Listen More Sell More Sales Training Workshop delivered by Ron Kule in your area, do not hesitate to participate. His is a training experience that you literally cannot afford to miss, because the missed sales that you would have closed, had you read his book and attended his training, would more than have covered your expense.” — Arte Maren, internationally known corporate trainer and consultant


LISTEN MORE SELL MORE is the first of a series of three book/course combinations.

This basic edition is the prerequisite to the forthcoming two books, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE~Intermediate Sales and LISTEN MORE SELL MORE~Advanced Sales. Each book builds upon the knowledge imparted by the previous volume.

LMSM Intermediate… further explores the connections of sales to communication, including how a salesperson should talk to a prospect to gain a prospect’s willing communication, agreement, and understanding.

LMSM Advanced… covers objection handling and expert techniques for how and why to maintain seller interest all the way through the close of a sale!


“When I bought the book Listen More Sell More by author Ronald Joseph Kule, I did believe that I would know most of the materials because I was for a long time one of the best people in sales of books, tapes and other materials.

“I had studied several other books on sales, some from top salesman on the planet. I also had studied about 80 sales and motivation, success tapes.

“I mean, in a single week I had already reached my highest-ever sale of about $750,000.00 dollars!

“Still, I wondered: Could I improve?

“Although I was full of myself, I gave the book an honest look, because, I had to admit, there were times I was producing very well and other times when I had serious difficulties selling anything.

“Strange, no?

“Well, when I received my LISTEN MORE SELL MORE book, I still had critical thoughts about it.

“I decided, however, to do it right without prejudices.

“I just started in and I right away could see that this book is very simple. (It has that simplicity that always I had looked for but never found.)

“This was different, very powerful. My personal certainty on selling increased. A lot. For the first time, I felt that I really got (as in understood) the simplest data on sales – 100% pure.

“This book, for sure, is for new people. They can start on the right foot at the beginning; start on the right gradient (grade or step).

“But, for people with 10-20-40 years of sales experience the advantage is HUGE! They can put to good use all of the knowledge they have gained and build upon it a stronger foundation from which to expand.

This book is for anyone we know in sales or not. Selling an idea, a proposal, a program… anyone needs, every day, to convince other people to collaborate with him or her. Anyone could be the executive of a company, an artistic director, the Chief Executive Officer… or a restaurant’s Executive Chef; perhaps, a singer, a potential husband or wife.

“For sure, everybody need these data and to do these drills. They need LISTEN MORE SELL MORE by Ronald Joseph Kule.

“I recommend that you do what I did. Get the book. Buy and use the copy you need, but remember your company, your office and your sales force, too.

“And one more favor: Please let me know what you think about the book and the drills. I can always learn more. What about you?” — Roberto Fazzari, Business Consultant, Copenhagen, Denmark


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