WordPlay T-shirts & Designs


What do you get when you mix one award-winning filmmaker, songwriter, and musician with an acclaimed, internationally published author/biographer and ghostwriter?


A visual-arts medley of captured words and imaginative illustrations known as… wait for it…


(WordPlay T-shirts & Designs)

Our goal:

The uplift, inspiration, entertainment and general making of happy moments for people. Every time you see our designs and smile or laugh, we accomplish our goal.

Our purpose:

Producing smiles, laughter and happiness through illustrated phrases we call “WordPlays.”

Our Policy:

Keep it FUNNY! Keep it CLEAN! Make it ENTERTAIN!

Our Plan: 

Make people happier by wearing our T-shirt designs all over the world.

Copyright 2016 by KuleBooks LLC. Reserved.
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SoCal Provides Prospects With New Hope

In the Coachella Valley of California lies one of the best kept secrets,The SoCal Coyotes. Like many here at Overlooked we were unaware of the franchise until they announced last month that they ha…

Source: SoCal Provides Prospects With New Hope

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Patreon of the Arts? What’s That?

If you like the idea of being a patron of artists but think you cannot afford it…




If you went to the link site and liked it… if you became a Patreon of the artist…



*Because Neal Fox is a friend of mine and he is gonna be an “overnight success”
one day. Trust me.

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“The best of the best are like comets streaking through our lives: They make their impact, dazzle our souls and in a mere few seconds (it seems), they burn out or are gone from view, leaving us to either grieve their departure or remember them fondly forever.  Prince.”

— Ronald Joseph Kule

© 2016 by KuleBooks LLC. Reserved.


Internationally published author Ronald Joseph Kule writes across several genres, including Biography, Mystery/Romance, Young Adult and Scifi. https://RonKuleBooks.com

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More Books by Ronald Joseph Kule

I haven’t been in here for a while. I’ve been writing a number of books, which are nearing completion.

As you may know, I authored the Listen More Sell More series of sales-training books. The first book is in release, and the next of the series will be released in April 2016, followed by the third and last of the series this summer.

At the same time, I’ve been working on a new novel. This one is for Young Adults. It is a coming-of-age fiction about a Cherokee seeking answers to personal questions of who he really is, why he acts the ways he does (not always logical), feels the ways he does (at times, out of control) and recalls past-life incidents that either are imaginary or too real for comfort; some of which make him feel there is more to Life than being a human being.

Concurrently, my work as a ghostwriter puts food on the table. My clients are more than satisfied with the quality of my work.

I have two scifi projects coming up this summer; one for a client, another my 3rd novel.

As always, I would love to hear from you about my posts on social media, or about my books.

Bye for now.

Copyright 2016 by Ronald Joseph Kule. All Rights Reserved.

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