How to Avoid Your Next Failed Ad Campaign

(The following guest blog post is from a friend with a real company that provides help services to companies and ad agencies, which has accomplished real stats since 1987.)


A Closer Look at the Wedding Crashers


Bruce Wiseman

“Wasn’t it yesterday that Y2K was going to turn all of the computers on the planet into a techno-version of Planet of the Apes, and civilization was going to implode into anarchy of zeros and ones?

“Hard to believe we are 15 years into the 21st century.

“And in case you have been traveling off-planet for the last decade or so, marketing has changed.

“So, here’s your April 2015 marketing exam:

“What is the preferred mode of marketing communication to consumers these days?

“That’s right – email. That wasn’t so tough.


“A survey conducted by reveals that email is the preferred communication channel by a wide margin.


“Here’s the next question:

How often should you send emails to your list?

“The answer is not more than once per week, and ideally a bit less frequently than that. Almost three quarters of respondents wanted to receive emails from brands once a week or less often.


“And, most importantly, what should you say?

“You promote a discount or make an offer that would be interesting to your prospects. That’s right: while the world has morphed into a cyber-cacophony of zeros and ones, your customers and prospects still want an old-fashioned deal, a “discount.”


“But exactly what discount or offer do you put into the subject line?


“Ah, that’s where we come in. We conduct surveys of your public to find out exactly what would motivate them to open that email, read your offering and click on through to your site.

“You don’t need me to tell you it is a digital world today. But it is your customers and prospects that will tell you what offering they need and want and consider valuable.

“Surveying customers and prospects can often turn up information that will surprise you. For instance, what days of the week get the highest open and click-through rates?

Tuesday Becomes Friday (Night)

“Conventional Internet marketing ‘wisdom’ has long held that Tuesday is the best day for response to email marketing promotion. But this same Internet marketing study by, which cites a survey by Experian Marketing Services, revealed that highest open and click through activity occurs… on the weekend. That’s right. Saturday and Sunday out-perform the more traditional ‘workdays’ when it comes to opening and responding to email marketing promotion.

“Not a surprise when you think of it, as office pressure subsides on the weekends and people have a bit of quiet/personal time to read and respond to emails.

“Yet, the reality is that email, and other forms of electronic communication, have so blurred the line between office hours and off duty hours many find themselves “on post” 16 hours a day.

“In fact, a survey conducted in May of 2013, by GFI software, of 503 U.S. employees found that 81 percent of them check their work email on weekends.

“And, 55 percent of those surveyed check their work email after 11:00 p.m..

“Hey, get some shut-eye!

“But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. If you saw the romantic comedy Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who play a couple of divorce mediators who crash weddings to pick up women, you know where I’m going.

“If you haven’t seen Wedding Crashers, get it on Netflix or Hulu. It’s very funny. Not to give away the plot if you haven’t seen it, but there is a point where Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s characters have a falling out. And Owen goes to see the “Godfather” of wedding crashers, Chazz, played by none other than Will Farrell.

“And Chazz has evolved. Chazz is no longer crashing weddings to pick up chicks; he’s crashing funerals.

“Which brings us back to our story, because the survey of 500+ U.S. employees found that 10 percent of the respondents admitted to checking work email at a child’s school event; nine percent at a wedding; and, in a tip of the hat to Chazz, six percent checked their emails at a funeral.

“But emails have trumped even the mighty Chazz, because six percent of the respondents said they logged into their work email while… their spouse was in labor!

“Dude, get a life.


“I digress. My point is that you don’t fully know how your prospects might behave or what they consider to be important until you ask.

“And how you ask is important. There is a technology to this, and we will design the survey questions so you get real, gut-level answers.

“The point is, why guess? Why spend precious marketing dollars without knowing for sure? Ask your prospects what they want.  They’ll tell you.

“In summary:

  • By all means, use email marketing.
  • Don’t send more than once a week.
  • Conduct some surveys to find out what your public really wants from you and craft a special deal or discount around that.
  • Try sending your emails Friday evening so your prospects can read them over the weekend.
  • Monitor your results and compare them to previous offerings.
  • Fine tune as needed.”

© 2015 by Bruce Wiseman. All Rights Reserved.

(NOTE: Bruce Wiseman founded On-Target Research in 1987, a leading Los Angeles-based market research and survey company serving international corporate, profit and non-profit clients and ad agencies.)

Contact information*

(*via this blog’s author)

By Email:

By Phone: 727-215-2125

© 2015 by Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.

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Baseball Book: Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime

Pressure Makes Diamonds

A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime

PMD ebook cover


“Gamecocks baseball – University of South Carolina baseball – is where pressure makes diamonds.  On June 30, 2010, the Gamecocks won their first, major-sport national championship after enduring 119 tumultuous years of college baseball.

“It was a long time coming.

“In 1892, tough ‘College Boys’ known as The Fighting Gamecocks played baseball for the sheer love of the game: the university had no budget for uniforms, travel or baseball gloves.

“In 2010, the stellar notes of extra-inning comebacks, spectacular defensive plays and Blake Cooper’s unexpected, for-the-ages, complete-game, College World Series performance rang loud and clear one Nebraska evening, and aired on national television on ESPN.

Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime pursues and reveals the personal agonies, demoralizing fears, abject failures, daring roles and almost-forgotten accomplishments of historic roster, storied Gamecocks players, among them 2009 ‘Most Valuable Oriole’ Brian Roberts; speedy Mets phenom Mookie Wilson;  Seattle’s home-run hitter Justin Smoak; and the invincible ‘Killer B’s’—Kip Bouknight, Scott Barber and Peter Bauer—who pitched the Gamecocks to first-ever Number One national ranking with a 56-10 record in 2000.

“Diamonds do sparkle, but not overnight.  And not before they are discovered, cut and polished.

“Legendary football coaches and athletic directors Billy ‘The Fox’ Laval and Paul Dietzel set the stage for former New York Yankee, Gold Glove, World Series-MVP legend Bobby Richardson to become Gamecocks baseball’s first full-time head coach.

“Richardson’s vision led his almost-20-winning-seasons successor June Raines, and three-time, NCAA Baseball Coach of the Year Ray Tanner, to work like diamond-cutters and fashion raw-material recruits into diamond-studded teams that eventually sparkled one glorious Omaha night.

But it did not happen overnight.

An Angel in the Outfield

“On June 14, 1996, former NC State head coach Tanner brought his 395-173-3 brand of aggressive baseball straight from coaching the US Olympic team in Atlanta to Columbia, South Carolina.  In doing so, he promised the Gamecocks a national championship.

“After his fourth Omaha College World Series appearance, a grateful Gamecock Nation cheered the coveted crown and trophy.  Tanner acknowledged that not all was of his own doing:

‘I was given the opportunity to step into the successful operation left behind by those ahead of me.  All I did was walk into their shoes and kept to what the numbers dictated to me.’

“June of 2010 was also the last hurrah for Omaha’s venerable Rosenblatt Field.   Unexpected heroics, extra-inning games, mystic ‘Avatar Spirit Stick’ antics, dugout hi-jinks and miracles from a seven-year old boy, Bayler Teal, were in the air.

Baylor TealTeal, the Gamecock’s invisible ‘Angel in the Outfield,’ and the Gamecocks’ Number One Fan, lost his battles against cancer during the Series but from the wings above he helped the unseeded Carolina baseball team defeat designated-favorite UCLA in the tournament Finals.

“The winning players vowed that night to come back and win again for Beal the next year… and they did win in 2011, joining only seven other teams to ever win back-to-back, national championships.

Beyond Baseball

“So much more than a baseball book, Pressure Makes Diamonds is a five-star read about living lightning bursting with America’s revolutionary beginnings and soul-searing skirmishes drawn across racial lines.

“The co-authors analyse agrarian-economy booms and busts, two world wars and a war in Vietnam that divided the country, and baseball, and their parallels to the sport’s growth in Columbia and nationally.  Even the integration of blacks and whites, and its effect upon the Gamecocks’ arduous, ebb-and-flow ascension to two glorious, diamond-studded, back-to-back, national-championship victories, are put under their microscope.

Tanner’s Worthwhile Purpose

“Ray Tanner, former Carolina baseball Head Coach, now the university’s Athletics Director, has not yet written his final lines.  A father of three with a soft spot in his generous heart for physically challenged children, he dreams of building a Miracle League™ field for the children ‘as close as possible to Carolina Stadium.’

“’Through our foundation in the community, my wife and I try to reach out as much as we can and help those that are less fortunate.  The purpose of this book is to help contribute to the creation of a ‘Miracle League’ field in the Columbia, SC area.’

PMD ebook cover“Men, women, boys and girls of all ages, if you love baseball stories, here is one heartwarming tale for the ages, co-authored by two internationally published authors, J. David Miller and Ronald Joseph Kule.

 Pressure Makes Diamonds A Timeless Tale of America’s Greatest Pastime.


A portion of every eBook and book sale will help special-needs children, who love baseball and want to play the game, by contributing to a Miracle League field being built one day right next to Carolina Stadium and the heart of Gamecock Nation’s main campus.


Attention, Collectors!

A limited number of the hardcover, limited-edition book version is still available through The Ray Tanner Foundation.  Many are signed and numbered.  All are covered with real baseball leather and stitching!

Companies and collectors wishing more information about how to contribute to the Miracle League ballpark through book sales — the books make great corporate gifts — should contact:

PMD Cover

© 2011, 2015 by J. David Miller and Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.

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Now through Sunday, April 19, 2015 midnight, my NEW EBOOK is totally FREE! (Romantic suspense novel)

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

What do you do when love dies?  How do you get love to come alive again? What does it take to find love that lasts forever?

One Reader’s review: by Murder Addicted to Love is an ambitious book that tackles mankind’s biggest problem — love.  To categorize this story as simply a romance or a love story would be an injustice; it’s really a story about all of us: how we want to reach out and connect with each other, and the things that get in our way.  This is an ambitious book – one unlike any other I have ever read.  You might just fall in love with it.” — DAVID CARUS, author of Super Artist: How to Take Flight as a Creator and Hip Hop Will Save the World

I ask that if you like my book, go to the page and scroll down and post a review/comment, which greatly helps book rankings.



Ronald Joseph Kule

Carlos Almarón is about to pop the question.  Instead, he is dumped, pushing him into a confused and nearly fatal tailspin.  Devastated, smoldering in the ruins of his loss, he yearns to know why he has once again lost at love.

Only with the help of a sympathetic friend and her late husband’s marriage journal does he begins to understand true love and real romance.

Almarón’s venture takes him back into the era of knighthood and courtly love, dredging up old memories.  Later, his daydreams and nightmares include his pubescent attempts at sexual relations and his sophomoric escapades with the opposite sex, which awaken deeply embedded thoughts and a jumble of mixed emotions not easily escaped.


Carmela Ariana, Almarón’s lifelong and platonic friend, weathers a far different gauntlet of sexual and romantic hardships arguably more difficult than his.

A victim of fatherly abuse, she rebounds through several partners, including a connection that she has kept secret from Almarón: her intimate relations with her beautiful, college roommate Emily Logano, a Mafioso’s daughter… and… Almarón’s would-be fiancée!

In the wake of these events, Almarón and Ariana seek answers, but for different reasons.  Working together, they uncover not only what happened the night his plan for marriage spun to a jarring halt, and how and why Logano lost her life, but also a portal that leads Cupid to find them when and where they least expect to discover everlasting love.


Almarón’s and Ariana’s journey portrays a microcosm of anyone’s uncharted journey from childhood through puberty to sexually active adulthood and the sanctity of marriage.  The road they travel appeals to both genders.

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

© 2014 by Ronald Joseph Kule and KuleBooks LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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In Honor of Geoffrey Lewis, Master Storyteller

Geoffrey Lewis

Geoffrey Lewis, Actor

Yesterday a masterful actor passed away. He was also a master story writer and teller. Give a listen:

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Love in Ten Lines

Beautiful Taehreh (Some Call It Red) from Calgary, Canada, challenged me to write a poem about love in ten lines, a challenge forwarded to her from a friend.

Here are her guidelines:

  1. Write about love using only 10 lines.
  2. Use the word love in every line.
  3. Each line can only be 4 words long.
  4. Nominate 10 or so others who are up for the challenge.
  5. Let them know about the challenge.
  6. Title the post, Love in Ten Lines.
  7. Include a quote about love. (This can be your own.)
  8. You may write in any language.

Here is my entry:

Love in Ten Lines

Love is not silent,

yet love is loud;

love is invisible, yet

love is a portrait;

head-over-heels love

makes moonlit romantic love

worth the troubles love

brings us; and, “Love

that springs love eternal

is the best love.”*

© 2015 by Ron Kule, Poet. Reserved.

Here are my 10 (Facebook friend) invitees to take the 10-line poem challenge:

Christina Moss; Abla Verde; LD Sledge; Taehreh (back atcha!); Karen Nelson Bell; Cat Firstman; NK Goddard; NoteSlinger Dwight Mikkelson; David Carus

(* love quote by Ron Kule, Poet.)

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AA Professional Football League Opens Training Camps

(NOTE: The following article is a re-post granted by the author of this blog site, because the author of this site has ties to the SoCal Coyotes, one of the teams in the new football league and he agrees with what they are attempting to accomplish.)



(PALM SPRINGS) — “It’s all about the kids.”

Darrel “Mouse” Davis, arguably the greatest mind in offensive football, who tutored NFL Hall of Famers like Barry Sanders and Jim Kelly and whose fire-breathing Run ‘n’ Shoot offense produced the likes of Warren Moon and changed the way the modern game is played, has a new calling.

Today he officially declared training camps open for four teams as the new Commissioner of the upstart AAA Professional Football League, where ‘Building Champions by Building Men’ got underway in cities in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Thanks to the financial underpinning of Five Star Sports & Entertainment and The Five Star Financial Companies, the APFL has made good on its promise to ‘Be Paid, Be Insured, Be Discovered, Be A Man’ — the battle cry of a league that ‘Defends the Shield’ of faith, family and football.

The APFL opened training camps with unprecedented insurance benefits, stipends for leadership and a bevy of innovative programs that push players to succeed as men, husbands, fathers – and if they have the talent, play their way to stardom.

“This is about opportunity for the players,” Davis says. “I’m all about what is good for the game, good for the kids, and opens up more opportunities.”

Forget the big names from the CFL and NFL who are peeking in on the talent pool assembled by the nation’s fastest-growing developmental league. Forget that the finishing touches on a movie — ‘The Mouse that Roars’ –are being produced on Davis and his sensational, David-versus-Goliath life story.

Back Inside of Football

Davis wants you to know that he’s back in football and the APFL with the same passion that drove him as a high school coach back in the ’60s, as a record-shattering NCAA coach in the ’70s, as a pro coach in the CFL, NFL and USFL in ’80s and ’90s, and as the architect of the Arena Football League.

He’s here for the kids, as he calls them. Every one of them. Davis has fostered so many players, so many coaches — such as June Jones – that they’re now too many to count. His mentoring of friend and coach J David Miller led to the development of the SoCal Coyotes and their model program, which is now the flagship and cornerstone of the APFL.

“Teachers like Mouse affect eternity, because you never know where there influence stops,” says Miller, as his APFL staff prepared two teams — the California Sharks and SoCal Coyotes — for a joint training camp in Palm Springs.

Other camps opened in Phoenix and Las Vegas, and Mouse will visit them all before the four teams kick off April 11 and 12 for the start of a four-game, four-week, four-team showcase season, with a championship to be played on May 16.

It’s not just the APFL’s players who are under scrutiny. So is the league model, as all of corporate America carefully eyes this scalable, developmental football franchise opportunity, which seeks to expand to 100 teams within five years, and 500 in 10.

THE AAA PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE is the nation’s fastest-growing developmental franchise football opportunity, founded on America’s #1 developmental program. A lifeline to stranded developmental players, the APFL pays modest stipends and offers insurance, while developing players who seek NFL, CFL or AFL discovery.

The APFL ‘Builds Champions by Building Men’ through employment and leadership opportunities, challenging its players to ‘Be Paid, Be Insured, Be Discovered – and Be a Man.’

For more information on the APFL, visit , or email Brandon O’Neill at

–Brandon O’Neill, VP Program Development

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(PALM SPRINGS) — The SoCal Coyotes have issued a formal statement from head coach J David Miller regarding the team’s pioneer efforts to lead revolutionary change via the groundbreaking launch of the AAA Professional Football League,which begins a four-team, four-week pilot program this spring.

Details will be announced at a press conference next Wednesday at The Palm Springs Hotel. Meanwhile, the Coyotes released this statement from Coach Miller:

“Next week, along with the APFL and our corporate partner Five Star Sports & Entertainment, we will unveil the most aggressive sports leadership program for players in the history of developmental football. For the first time, developmental players at ground zero will realize compensation, health and injury insurance, and numerous other program benefits, including football and career advancement.

“Five Star Sports & Entertainment, and the corporate family of Five Star Companies, are now the cylinders of the entire APFL engine. Developmental football will no longer operate off the indentured servitude of the already downtrodden and financially desperate athlete. Instead, the APFL will provide all athletes HOPE, and a future.

“The SoCal Coyotes are humbly grateful to lead the charge for the health, care and ongoing welfare of the developing player, and to be the underpinning of a long overdue solution. We thank God for not only the ability and opportunity to play our great game, but also deliver a scalable program that will ‘Defend the Shield’ of Faith, Family and Football in communities, classrooms and board rooms across America.

“As we prepare for this landmark announcement, we draw strength from the great Dr. Martin Luther King, who so courageously clarified that ‘the greatest tragedies are not the strident clamor of bad people, but the appalling silence of good people.’ So we wait not for others to take the risk. Instead, we step forward on faith, and we till the very ground we’re standing on.”

–Hall of Fame Head Coach J David Miller

NAMED AMERICA’S NUMBER-ONE DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM, the Coyotes are the nation’s only non-profit sports leadership organization to field a professional football team. The organization is fast becoming recognized industry-wide for its efforts. The team has donated thousands of dollars to area schools, youth organizations and charities, and distributed its leadership curriculum to more than 30,000 students.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, call 760.272.8799, or email

–Brandon O’Neill, VP Program Development

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