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“The best of the best are like comets streaking through our lives: They make their impact, dazzle our souls and in a mere few seconds (it seems), they burn out or are gone from view, leaving us to either grieve … Continue reading

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Love in Ten Lines

Beautiful Taehreh (Some Call It Red) from Calgary, Canada, challenged me to write a poem about love in ten lines, a challenge forwarded to her from a friend. Here are her guidelines: Write about love using only 10 lines. Use … Continue reading

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How To Appeal to Women with a Mystery/Romance Novel

How To Appeal to Women with a Mystery/Romance Novel Anyman Dreams of Love Everlasting By Ronald Joseph Kule “Summer had arrived and filled out Central Park’s trees with shady, green canopies. The crocuses, daffodils, foam flowers and forsythia dabbled colors … Continue reading

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Baby Boomer Carole Eddington’s Poem for the Ages

Carole Eddington is a poet, whom I’ve known only through facebook. The following is her poem — one of the most honest and revealing that I’ve had the pleasure to read in eons. This one is for the ages. the … Continue reading

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Friendship: Is it overrated?

How do you measure friendship? Can there even be a measure or a standard for the state? Of course friendship is a state of mind, because we choose our friends; they choose us. Yet, we are all different and we choose … Continue reading

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